BMIC Pex Pipes

BMIC Pex pipes are the newest innovation in water pipes for residential homes and commercial buildings.

TM - Male Tee


GA-3804 - Male Screw Tee



  • TM16-21-16 (ø1216 x M1/2" x ø1216)
  • TM16-27-16 (ø1216 x M3/4" x ø1216)
  • TM20-21-20 (ø1620 x M1/2" x ø1620)
  • TM20-27-20 (ø1620 x M3/4" x ø1620)
  • TM25-21-25 (ø2025 x M1/2" x ø2025)
  • TM25-27-25 (ø2025 x M3/4" x ø2025)
  • TM32-21-32 (ø2632 x M1/2" x ø2632)
  • TM32-27-32 (ø2632 x M3/4" x ø2632)
  • TM32-34-32 (ø2632 X M1” x ø2632)
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