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DOS - Grease Trap G-TEK


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DOS G-TEK grease traps, waste water pipes, clogged pipes due to grease will disappear when you use the DOS G-TEK grease trap that has a complete internal working system. To maintain good healing performance.

Grease traps are used to treat waste water from the home's kitchen. Dining room or restaurant because such waste water has a lot of oil and fat If not limited, the drain pipe will be clogged.

DOS G-TEK grease trap will hold the waste water for a while so that the fat and oil float up and accumulate on the water surface. When the amount of fat and oil accumulates more

Working position

Walk the sewer from the sink to the grease trap. Then went to the sewer Public water pipe Or continue to the septic tank For good water standards.

3-step operation system

  1. Food trap Will help filter food waste And various impurities.
  2. The fat separator is designed to suit the flow direction of the water. And tank shape Therefore effective in separation And extract the fat to float above the water surface.
  3. Fat drain When fat is separated from water And accumulate inside the tank In about 7 days, it can drain the fat out of the water pipe into the black bag. Or prepared containers for disposal.

Product details

Suitable for general houses, buildings, offices.

  1. Product code GT-05 / GY-15L, GT-05 / GY-40L.
  2. Model (liters) 15L, 40L.
  3. Polypropylene material (PP).
  4. 1 year warranty * according to company conditions *.


Smooth Surface, Easy To Clean

Smooth Surface                    

With the special properties of PP combined with injection molding, the grease traps that have special smooth surface The fat is difficult to stick to. Can be easily cleaned.                                       


Automotive Innovation Materials



The body and the lid are made from PP (Poly Propylene) with smooth surface. More resistant to corrosion and heat than PE.                                                                    


Pipe In - Out



Use Spin Weld Technology to cut the leakage problem in the pipe - from the conventional welding technology.                                                                                          


Water Pipe Set And Grease Drainage Set



Redesigned to combine beauty and functionality By hiding the fat drain pipe vertically Resulting in exhausting the fat completely and not cluttering.                                    


Internal Grating



Made of nylon 6 material that is tough, resistant to corrosion. Cutting rust or damage problems When knocked, cleaned.                                                                          

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