DOS - Water Tank

DOS - Water Tank Timbera Water Pac


DOS   Water Tank Timbera Water Pac

Water tank + water pump. Products with special features. That emphasizes beauty And comes with features Bacteria inhibition And microorganismsDOS TIMBERA Water Pac water tank is clean, safe with DOS Combac Anti-Microbial technology. Was developed together with the Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University And received the NanoQ certification standard from the Thai Nanotechnology Association Is the first and only New innovation of advanced protection. DOS Protection UV20 withstands UV radiation up to level 20. Long-lasting use. Support hot weather Warranty for over 25 years.

Product details

  1. Product code Water tank + Water pump DOS LIFE MONTBLANC (HY-39) Can be used with standard water pump GRUNDFOS or HITACHI water pump or MITSUBISHI water pump.
  2. Model size 900 liters.
  3. Light Gray (Lite Gray) Exclusive Color Licensed in DOS LIFE.
  4. Standard Polymer Elixir material from SCG.
  5. Food Grade Material 100% clean, safe and free from contaminants.
  6. COMBAC ANTIMICROBIAL 99.99% inhibition of bacteria and microorganisms. Advanced technology The first and only one that has passed the quality certification From the Nanotechnology Association of Thailand.
  7. UV STABILIZER, UV protection, innovation of UV20 protection, resistant to sun and rain for a long time.
  8. ALGAE PREVENTION Special opaque quality material Prevent moss occurrence.
  9. 25 years warranty (water tank only) * according to company conditions *.
  10. Approved by the FDA from the United States.



AG + Combac Antimicrobial




With Combac Antimicrobial technology Making DOS water tanks able to inhibit the growth of bacteria contained in the water, preventing bacteria up to 99.99% clean, safe without bacteria and microorganisms And also receive certification From the Nano Association of Thailand as the first and only one at the moment.

Tank that received NANO label Q

  • With Combac Antimicrobial technology Protect bacteria 99.99%.
  • Have quality tests And has been certified by a reliable agency.
  • Clean, safe, strong.


UV 20



With the polymer elixer material contained in the DOS water tank, it can prevent the occurrence of pale color and degradation caused by sunlight. The DOS water tank is able to protect the sun for more than 25 years.

Sun protection tank

  • The color is not pale, even when the sun is over 10 years.
  • No patterning No material degradation.
  • There is no chance that the sunlight will enter the tank.
  • Long service life of water tank.


Polymer Elixir


Food Grade


With Polymer Elixer material, the DOS water tank is durable, non-toxic, sun protection, odorless and safe.                                                                                                                    

Tank with Polymer Elixer

  • 100% food grade, certified by FDA international standards.
  • Free of lead and mercury without heavy metals.
  • Without unpleasant smell The same standard as drinking water pipes.
  • The color does not peel off into the water.
  • Prevent moss occurrence Sunlight cannot pass through.
  • Durable material through TIS 816-2556.


OPAQUE, Not Moss



DOS water tank prevents 100% of sunlight passing through, therefore opaque Highest safety Causing no moss occurrence. DOS water tanks are clean, safe for consumers.            

FDA certified water storage tanks

  • Prevent sunlight from passing through, making it cleaner and safer.
  • Prevent the growth of moss Causing no moss.


PPR Pipe



PPR (Polypropylene Random Copolymer) pipe system, DOS certification, heat connection, no leakage, safe and durable.                                                                                                  

Properties of PPR pipes

  • Use heat to connect, not leak.
  • Safe without residue.
  • Food Grade 100%.


FDA Standards



DOS water tanks are certified by the Food and Drug Administration from the United States of America, the FDA and the FDA. 100% water storage tanks do not contain any substances that are harmful to health. Peace of mind And safe for users' health.

Tanks that have been FDA approved

  • Use clean, safe materials that are not harmful to health.
  • Have quality tests And has been well certified.
  • Is strong, durable, suitable for use.

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