DOS - Septic Tank

DOS - Septic Tank Compact


DOS   Septic Tank Compact                    

Septic tank DOS Compact waste water treatment tank that combines the septic principle and air filtration in the same tank. Therefore suitable for the treatment of all types of wastewater in your home both from household cleansing or from sewage from excretion to get good wastewater quality. Before discharging to public pipes Suitable for homes with limited space or houses with high groundwater problems.

Product details

Suitable for general houses, buildings, offices.

  1. Product code DOS LIFE DOS COMPACT (ST-01 / GY).
  2. models (liters) 3000, 4000 ,5000, 6000.
  3. NET-TECH gray shape.
  4. Materials used to produce DOS-specific Polyethylene.
  5. 1 year warranty * according to company conditions *.


Snake Protection Features

Properties of DOS water tanks with Wier and Spiral Cross Flow Media can prevent snakes.

DOS waste water treatment tank that can prevent snakes from entering.





Bio Tab, a special grade A bacteria bacteria, imported from the United States, reduces odor and waste from waste, treats wastewater and decomposes fat, is safe for people, animals and plants that are environmentally friendly.


Tank Cover, Treatment Tank

Tank Cover

 The DOS treatment tank lid has a handle on the lid. Pop-up can be locked, closed, safe. Children come to play, fall into the copyright tank only DOS.


Volume Capacity, Full Liter

Volume Capacity

 Dos treatment tank has a capacity of 1,600 liters, full volume, not cheating liters.


Vacuum Test

Vacuum Test

 Compressed air force testing to simulate the operating conditions by the Dos treatment tank can receive compressive strength higher than the standard up to 1400 kgs / sqm. The compressive strength standard is 612 kgs / square meter.


Load Test

Load Test

Strong frame structure around the body, the fins around the body, the outer and inner abdomen, and the line supporting the bottom Ensuring strength Stronger than before.



Wier                     Reverse osmosis pipe, anti-odor and can prevent snakes and insects.                                                                                                                                                                                       

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